June 1, 2014 Entertainment

If you’re going out to dinner with friends, narrowing it down to where you want to eat can be tough. Ethnic or traditional? Fancy or take-out? When you’re so hungry that you’re angry (a.k.a., “hangry”) it’s difficult to decide.
Thankfully, some restaurants go above and beyond to be the most appealing. Not only do they offer delicious food, but these establishments also offer a side of humor with their hummus.
1.) A stairway to leaven..ed bread.

2.) So much better than Wendy’s.

3.) A delicious disaster.

4.) I wonder if they still serve the Little Big Hotdog.

5.) My precious…

6.) Mmm, just gimme some.

7.) I bet Abbott and Costello love this place.

8.) It’s the ship that made the Ketchup Run in less than twelve parsecs.

9.) Where you eat with the fishes.

10.) Just keep swimming… away from this restaurant, if you’re a fish.

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