It rained yesterday - the sun had gone down and I took a chair and sat out on the porch for a while.

It was warm and more like a late autumn day instead of almost being Spring!

As I was sitting there taking in the few fireflies and enoying the weather when I saw a cat come out from under the neighbor's truck.

Hmmm, another neighborhood kitty?

There are two kitties that the lady next door feeds so I thought it was coming over to take a dump in the small dirt area next to the area where I was sitting.


The porch is a small square of concrete and after the car crashed into the house, they removed a brick planter from the area which left a small patch of clay like dirt in it's place.

It's not a huge area, but since it's under an eave, it's always dry and a perfect place to take a dump....if you are the neighborhood cat.

Hokay, I get it......


The one small corner has a small wooden box that I built to hide a gray bucket where I drop the filled 'doggie bags' that Tucker fills after we take our walks.....It's so I don't have to walk all the way to the back yard to drop them into the trashcan.

On a few occasions, I have gone to empty the bucket and seen that something has dragged a bag out of the bucket, torn it open and emptied out.


The cat is walking towards me and I can see that he/it is white furred and walking kinda strange.

As it got closer, I noticed that it was one of the ugliest cats I had ever seen. It's dragging itself along and has a weird, hairless tail and I see


I laughed and it stops dead in it's tracks when it realized I am there. I started to get out of the chair and he/it runs back under the car........


Hokay, that answers some of my questions and I know that he may be back, so I'll let him get closer and see what happens.


About 10 minutes later, here it comes again, waddling back across the driveways....up on the grass and closer, closer...

He's about as close as I am going to allow him when I throw my hands up and hiss, like a cat!


He turns around and starts to move as fast as he can, back by the truck.

He gets to the concrete, crosses the neighbor's drive and gets almost to the edge, when a cat comes flying across his path.

I guess the cat, hearing me hiss at the possum, got spooked - had he been a split second late, they would have hit that same spot - at the same time.


I laughed like a maniac, wondering how that meeting would have ended up.