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Thread: I pulled a tick out of my dog's back

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    I pulled a tick out of my dog's back

    My dog has had what the vet called benign fatty tumors, on his skin. Vet said they would come
    and go and then another would pop-up. But, nothing to worry about. However, I noticed one
    that was different. Taking a closer look, it appeared I could pull out the (whatever it was). I
    used a tool and carefully pulled it out. The whole thing came out easy. It looked like a bug and
    it was dead. It was easy to remove, with tweezers. I had given my dog Comfortis about a week
    prior to this. That would have killed the tick.

    Has this ever happened to anyone else. I was told by the vet tech, many yrs ago, that you would
    notice a tick in FL. It is fleas that will torment your pet and get in your house and bed, in FL. That
    is correct. However, rubbing alcohol, sprinkled on a bed or couch. Then covered with a sheet, will
    kill fleas. They are very small, so it does not take much. Rubbing alcohol is cheap, does not stain,
    and evaporates quickly. Household cleaners will kill fleas as well. Anyway, anyone ever pull a dead
    tick out of your pooch?

    Doug, & fur family FL

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    Never pulled a dead tick, but I would just keep an eye on the spot and make sure it doesn't get infected.
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