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Thread: NULO cat food

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    NULO cat food

    Has anyone ever heard of this food or tried it?? It's grain free and has a low glycemic index for diabetic cats. I just got 2 bags of it (that's all that was left that AM at PetSmart), and am mixing it in with their current food. Boris is diabetic, and I'm wondering if the food is part of the problem.
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    The nutritionist for NULO used to come into my store frequently. She's a FANTASTIC lady who really loves animals and nutrition. My cats tried the previous formulation of NULO and were not crazy about it, but I know that I was told this new formulation would be more palatable. I'm excited to see that it's been released, I'm going to pick up some samples next week. It looks like a food that would be great for diabetic cats!


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