Today on our walk, Jasper stopped to roll. I smiled because somtimes after he's been cooped up he likes to have a good roll on the grass and it's really cute.

Then I spied what looked like a tangle of sticks he was rolling in, and leaned in to look closer.

Ah, it was a rotting crow carcass, and the tangle of sticks was its feet. It was in the "liquefying" stage of decomposition, and there were carcass juices all over Jasper and his collar. I MUST start looking when he does that telltale "I'm gonna roll!" circle that he does.

We finished our walk and then walked straight to the self-service dog wash about a mile away. I bought him a new collar, washed him, and we walked back home. Normally I'd bathe him at home rather than spend $15 to use someone else's tub, just no. I didn't want that stink in my house or my car.

The last time something like this happened it was goose poop and he was COVERED in green sludge form nose to tail. We tossed him in the creek to rinse off before driving home. He smelled like icky creekwater, but better that than crusted-on goose poop.

Anyone else have a good "My dog rolled in..." story?

Cell phone picture during the bath...