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    Critter ebooks

    Hello, all! I came back to see Karen's "Dear Pet Talk People" post and thought I'd post here. I have over 100 ebooks available, many related to critters, including disabled critters, our mobile outdoor rig, and recipes and crafts related to critters. I'm also in the process of getting the first books into print, which is a NASTY procedure, but the first print books SHOULD be available in a few weeks.

    They are at (yes, Amazon mixes some other people's stuff in, too). Most of my books are a high photography, low language level Easy Reader style, and the recipes are either stir-together or only need some microwave time. They're available world-wide, and most are priced at 99 cents or the equivalent.

    Thanks! (Oh, and ignore my sig line. I haven't been here in several years, and I don't even know if Hayleigh is still doing her beading. It may take me several more years to delete it, with the new digs and all!)
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