Hi All!
I recently discovered that my beloved "Sweet Pea" is a lynx point siamese. I have always thought her coloring was gorgeous. She recently gave birth to 3 kittens, 1 solid grey and 2 lynx point, and I was wondering if I could get some help in determing what color they are all.

Sweet Pea was very light as a kitten, almost pure white...as she got older her grey became more defined. I was thinking she might be a "lilac" lynx?

I have posted some pictures, the older cat is obviously mom. Then the 2 other kittens. I have fallen deeply in love with 1 of them in particularly, she was born with CH (cerebellum hypoplasia) but she is an absolute doll and is growing more strong everyday!

The first 3 pictures are Sweet Pea, the 4th is our baby Bobbs (we call her bobbs cause she has CH and therefore bobs a lot when she moves) the 5th is also Bobbs, and the 6th is the 3 of them.

thanks guys!