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Thread: Luna: Increased bilirubin level in urine (new pictures added)

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    Luna: Increased bilirubin level in urine (new pictures added)

    Since Luna (who turned 14 three days ago) was dealing with an UTI two weeks ago, I got some of these urine test strips to find out if the infection was gone. Unfortunately, the strips also showed that her bilirubin level is notably increased which means that something's wrong with her liver. More precisely, the biliary duct must be blocked by something which is definitely NOT good. Just spoke to my vet about the options we have. We could do some bloodwork (and I guess I will sooner or later), but that would be torture because it cannot be done without anaesthesia, which is not without risk at her age. Besides, the bloodwork would only tell that something's wrong with her liver, but won't tell what exactly it is. The only way to find out would be a biopsy, and I don't think I will put her through this. Not at her age! Especially since there wouldn't be much we could do for her if it was cancer.

    So, my vet advised to treat her with Hepar comp to support her liver, and I will start doing that next week. BTW, there are no signs of jaundice yet (and no other signs of illness), so obviously the bilirubin level in her blood is not that high - not yet, at least.
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    When Tigris showed his -at that time unknown- symptoms at the age of 13 we had a biopsy made and I would never do this again. On one hand it showed his peritoneal cancer and we knew he would not be able to survive this, on the other hand it made his last two weeks miserable. I still feel guilty about it but I didn't know better.
    Enjoy the time you have with her as long as Luna is a happy girl. I hope she will enjoy her birthday nevertheless.
    Love to all of you.

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    Saying huge prayers for precious Luna! xoxo
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    Sorry to hear about Luna, Kirsten. I wonder if you'd be able to get bloods from her under sedation, rather than a general anaesthetic? Sedation shouldn't be overtly risky for a 14 year old cat. Although as you say, only a biopsy will be able to give information regarding the condition of the liver itself.

    It is possible to use a needle to retrieve an aspirate, or punch-biopsy, of liver tissue with the use of ultrasound to guide the vet - not sure if your vet has discussed that with you, or whether that would be feasible for Luna with sedation? It does depend on what the vet suspects is wrong with the liver so s/he may not believe it's warranted.

    It's probably going to be something chronic so whether you'd prefer to know or not is up to you. There may be dietary indications for some of the possible causes, which could help lessen the disease progression but would be unlikely to reverse it entirely. Regardless, I'm sure she is currently living a comfortable retired life and will likely continue to do so for a little while yet!

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    We are sending along our prayers and loving good wishes for dearest Luna.

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    I'm so sorry to hear this, Kirsten. It's so hard to watch our babies go downhill. If it's the liver there's something wrong with, it could be painful. I hope you can get a diet for her that will help, but if not, ask about pain medication.

    I don't understand why she can't have a blood panel done without anesthesia. Why is that?

    Here are some links you may want to read:

    Sending lots of hugs and positive thoughts to Luna and to you.

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    I'm sorry to hear about your Luna. I understand you do not want to put her through any more than necessary. Maybe treat her as best you can with vet's help (without making her go through painful procedures) and keep her comfy and as normal as possible. It is so hard to watch our beloved friends go downhill. My thoughts and prayers are with you.... Kay

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    Prayers on the way for you and lovely Luna!
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    [QUOTE=Randi;2495573]I'm so sorry to hear this, Kirsten. It's so hard to watch our babies go downhill. If it's the liver there's something wrong with, it could be painful. I hope you can get a diet for her that will help, but if not, ask about pain medication.

    I don't understand why she can't have a blood panel done without anesthesia. Why is that?

    If I remember correctly Luna gets very very stressed at the vet. If Kirsten was going to go through with the blood work or a needle aspiration maybe she could be pre-sedated at home.

    However, I think Kirsten's vet has a good approach for Luna. Start with the Hepar comp and see if it helps. I didn't look at the links you posted Randi, but hopefully there is good diet information there as well,

    Kirsten, is the Hepar comp a type of milk thistle? That is also supposed to help the liver.

    Prayers for you and your girl, and I pray she is with you for a long and comfortable time yet.
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    Kirsten, I am so sorry to hear this. Prayers are on the way for you and sweet Luna.
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