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    Meow's owner has gone downhill and has been moved into a nursing home. Some quick, difficult decisions had to be made with very short notice, and unfortunately we still had not found placement for Meow, so she was euthanized this afternoon.

    I have to say that...with only a few exceptions...the lack of support or even basic civility I received from the rescue community has been a real eye-opener...and a real let down. I contacted over 50 rescues asking for help, and I heard back from about 20. Most of them were just "Sorry, can't help ya" emails, a couple of them were really nice, one lady chatted with me for days giving me ideas for keeping Meow happy and teaching her to accept the fluids better. Then there were a bunch of really nasty folks. People telling me I was out of line looking for placement for her when the owner was *technically* still able to care for her. People saying I should just take her in myself, otherwise it would be my fault if she were PTS. People implying that my friend is a bad person for knowing her limits, for knowing that she couldn't do the fluids herself, for even considering rehoming, nevermind euthanasia. Apparently suddenly developing a health problem and realizing that you're in over your head with your pets makes you a bad pet owner!

    I have never come across so many rude, judgmental, hurtful comments in one conversation. One email I received just said "Well, that's her decision. Sad." I think that sometimes, those of us who do rescue work are our own worst enemies. I know that I will definitely think twice in the future about opening myself and my friends up to that kind of judgmental commentary. Today I am feeling worn out and beaten, because I had to take my friend's cat to get PTS after weeks of having both of us judged and berated by a rescue community that I think I contribute rather a lot to by fostering, donating, and volunteering. Thank goodness the folks at my local Humane Society are very kind and non-judgmental...they listened to my breakdown as I explained the journey we've been on and took very good care of both Meow and me. Since Meow hated me I opted to wait outside while two very kind men helped her along her journey.

    RIP Meow

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    Rest in peace, pretty girl. You struggles are over, now you watch over your human and give her some comfort in her time remaining on earth.

    Cathy, sending you great big hugs. Big, bracing hugs. You deserve nothing but thanks and praise for your efforts with Meow, and anyone who says otherwise does not deserve a moment's thought.
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    Thank you Karen. It's been a heck of a day, and I am very thankful that I had bottle babies to come home to!

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    I'm so sorry about Meow. Unfortunately special-needs cats are very difficult to place.
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    Kathy- I know, from personal experience, every word you wrote. I am so sorry.

    RIP, pretty girl.

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    Oh, Meow and Cathy both, I am so very sorry.

    Rest in peace, dearest Meow. You are safe and whole at the Rainbow Bridge, watching over your dear Purrrson and sending her your love and reminders that you are with her, you and she are together always, and you will be there to greet her, One Fine Day. Please send some purrs of love to her heart and to Cathy's heart too.

    And Cathy, my cats and I are all sending you loads of love. The cruelty of those people who said such hurtful things to you is unconscionable. As Karen said and I agree completely, "You deserve nothing but thanks and praise for your efforts with Meow, and anyone who says otherwise does not deserve a moment's thought."

    Blessings to both of you, Cathy and Meow Angel.

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    My heart is breaking for you and for Meow
    Play hard at the bridge Beautiful Girl.

    I did not realize Meow did not like you. yet you still went there every day to give her the iv fluids
    I agree with Karen
    "You deserve nothing but thanks and praise for your efforts with Meow, and anyone who says otherwise does not deserve a moment's thought."

    Prayers for Meows owner too.


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