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Thread: Hybrid Portraits - an art project

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    Hybrid Portraits - an art project

    Good morning, I'm Anna Mainenti an Italian emergent artist. I'd like you to see my work, in order to have your review and opinions and, if you're interested, by my photos or organize a travel to make new portraits in USA or buy some existent works.
    You can find me and my work on or on Facebook Anna Mainenti PH.

    The project started in November 2012 , and represents my vision of the intimate relationship dog - master, a strong and intimate bond that unites the soul and the everyday life by creating a special two species symbiosis.

    Man's relationship with the dog make easyer the relationship , the approach and the understanding on the part of the individual mechanisms of nature.

    Being the closest animal and now fully integrated into our society, the dog, in my opinion, plays a very important role in the future of mankind because thanks to his presence becomes a symbol to draw attention to what we need to improve in our society for as regards the environment and the protection of the planet, is the bulwark of the evolution of medical research ( antivivisectionist ) and the mirror of the society in which he lives (both positive aspects such as the protection and respect for the weak , for both negative as the deprivation of liberty and the absence of such liability . stray , abandoned , ect )

    The project has been involved in the design of the advertising campaign for the event Milanese The Communication Week (La Settimana della Comunicazione), the largest Italian initiative dedicated to communication that has chosen as "testimonial" some of my “Hybrids”

    The photos belonging to the project portray dogs and owners that become a single individual (pictures and image processing are entirely made by me) at the time they were made ​​more than 40 portraits continuously increasing due to the demands many admirers.

    Some of these works belong to the permanent collection of several arts gallery in Italy .

    << The progect Hybrid Portait is a series of “evolutionistic” portait, a fusion of the artist's passion for technology and nature.This is the birth of these creatures that live toghether in the spirit, in a undivisible cohabitation from the begining of uman society. These new creatures in her photoes take a real, knowable form, bringing the viewer in a new idea of realityThis idea is part of our time, combinig the power of tecnology, the human wish to renew the relationship with the Nature.The human fusion with the dog is the symbol of the indivisibility between technology and wilderness in the human civilization.>> Anna Mainenti


    Anna Mainenti was born in 1982 in Verona. After attending the scientific High School, she was graduated with honors in 2007 at the Academy of Fine Arts "GB Cignaroli" thesis on "The Evolution of Photography, History of photomontage and photo processing in Italy followed by the photographer Mauro Fiorese.

    Her passion for photography brings to work, first as intern and then as assistant with the photographer Marco Ambrosi from whom she learns the professional use of Photoshop.

    She begins in 2012 to explore various methods of personal image language starting from simple portraits of dogs with a project in collaboration with the Animalisti of Verona, pulling on a set mounted for the occasion in the kennel, she take a lot of portraits of the dogs recovered and saved by the worst kennels of the South Italy. The project is titled "Outside the Cage" and all the proceeds received from this work will be donated to the volunteers.

    Her continuous study, improvement and search for a personal communication and emotional images let her explore the world of portrait in an "evolutionary" way, combing his passion for technology with the passion for nature and animals.This is how the Hybrids Portaits, brings to reality the spirit of coexistence that has origins primitive united the man and the dog.

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    Anna, are any of these you and your dog? Just curious!
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    While I think this is a cool project, I have to admit I find it a bit creepy.
    Our goal in life should be - to be as good a person as our dog thinks we are.

    Thank you for the siggy, Michelle!

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