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Thread: Kitten season is here! *MORE pics post 18*

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    Kitten season is here! *MORE pics post 18*

    As cute as that sounds to the uninitiated, I'm sure all of us PTers know that kitten season is actually fraught with heartbreak, overwhelm, panic, and too many kittens!

    I just got my first batch today! I lucked out this time and only got two! No names yet, as I'm only 90% sure of their genders. I'll have my sis in law double-check me tomorrow.

    These two just opened their eyes today, shortly before I picked them up! The pics aren't very clear because the room they're staying in is pretty dark and they are WIGGLY LITTLE BEASTIES! I'm sure I'll have some better ones soon.

    This little one is going to have cute white socks!
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    They are adorable. I wish I could have some kittens, but unfortunately I don't have time to take care of them. I am quite happy with my two grownup girls.

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    So sweet! I was at my local shelter today and witnesses 3 wee ones being adopted. Yes, kittehs are here to stay, for now!

    Hey Cathy, is there any update at all on Annie and Emma?
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    Slick, I know you saw this on FB but I will share here too in case any non-FB PTers see it. I got a CUTE video of Emma batting at digital fish on her new person's iPad. It's soooooo cute! The video is on her person's FB page and set to private so I don't think I can share it along, but it made me grin!

    I LOVE fostering's like....I get the kittens during the cutest part of their life (In my opinion, hehe) and as soon as they are eating on their own and starting to get into everything and make a gigantic mess, they move along to the next foster home and I get more of the cutest little teenies!

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    Aaaww these babies are adorable- and I wish them all the luck in the world which they will need as they are still so tiny. Do you know what happened to their mom?
    Looking at them makes me happy and sad at the same time.

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    I foster through the local Humane society so I don't generally get the backstory on the kittens. These were from a litter of six...they were going to split the kittens 3-3 into two foster homes, but they would up splitting htem 4-2 because when these guys opened their eyes yesterday my two had some green goop in their eyes. So I get fewer kittens to feed but in exchange I have to medicate their eyes (which already look better!). Works for me!

    The black kitten (Pretty sure that one is a boy) is a L O V E! He starts to purr the instant a human hand touches him! The tabby (pretty sure that one's a girl) purrs a lot too, but he's REALLY into human contact! I'm thinking Jellybean for the black kitten, still pondering a name for miss tabbycat.


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