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Thread: Cats and rat poison

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    Cats and rat poison

    Take a look at this story of a very large cat being effected by rat poison:

    They think it ate dead rats killed with poison. When I was a kid, we lost 1 cat to what my parents thought
    was poison. Another just did not come home and I found a cats body a while later. Didn't want to get close.
    But, I think it was our cat. My guess is she was killed by poison.

    Any ideas how to keep cats away from rat poison? Besides keeping inside all the time.

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    Keep them inside all the time - and look into building an outdoor enclosure for them. They don't have to be expensive - have a look around the internet for ideas.
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    Build outdoor runs/enclosures for them... or just keep them inside. That's really the safest way.



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