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Thread: Mug cakes!

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    Mug cakes!

    Ooookay, I don't know how I managed not to discover mug cake until last night!

    Hubby went to bed early, and I was reeeeeally craving some dessert. Something chocolatey and hot. I didn't want to wake hubby up or make a mess baking an entire batch of something, so I was poking around looking for single-serving dessert recipes and I found this:

    Oh WOW. Microwave cake?! Sign me up!

    My first attempt was a little on the dry side, so tonight I made another with only 2 1/2 tablespoons of flour. Jackpot!

    Tomorrow I'm going to try it with some of my mother in law's almond flour. She's gluten intolerant but really misses chocolate cake and this would be PERFECT!

    I'm also thinking gift ideas...get some cute mugs at the dollar store, put the dry ingredients into a baggie, add a bow and a cute tag with instructions....

    Sorry to ramble, I'm just REALLY excited about mug cakes now, LoL!

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    Wow, not only does that look tasty, it just happens to be Karen safe!
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    Wow - thanks for posting. I've tried microwave cakes before, but they were always just YUK! This is a single serving and so simple - sounds like a winner. I bookmarked the recipe so I could find it later and give it a try. Way too many sweets around right now with all the Easter goodies.
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