Apr 24 2014
Hello Folks,
I have a kitten food question & a progress report. I could put the food question on Cat Health but I want to keep all of George in one place for awhile if it's ok, sort of like a Journal I guess.

First, I cannot believe the progress that the pups & George have made with each other. In a way it seems as if George has been here for months rather than since April 13. Sissy Pom & George actually play together (sort of chase each other) while LilGirl watches. Yes, Sissy has stopped that incessant barking & LilGirl doesn't growl at him nearly as much. Also I feel safe now for George to be alone with both of them as he has showed that he can protect himself if necessary & the pups aren't scared of him any more. George is no longer in my bed but now stays in the den with Sissy at night & I've brought LilGirl back to my bedroom. Little George is a sweetie with his purring & good personality but his claws & teeth HURT me when he played at night while I was trying to sleep.

Now here's my kitten food question. What is a good dry kitten food? I'm thinking Grain Free & perhaps Blue Buffalo Wilderness. When I got George he was on some kind of dry CAT food (not kitten I think) & I have been gradually giving him Purina Kitten mixed with his old food. Ever since I got him his stools have been very soft & sometimes diarrhea. I took him back to vet & got some Metro, some packs of probiotic, & some Hill's A/D canned food at $2.30/can. I can feed him that for awhile but don't want to have to take out a loan to feed him LOL. He is a little pig in the eating department--a can a day. I'm gradually adding the Purina kitten food but I'm not sure it agrees with George. I hate to buy many bags of different food because it's expensive for trial & error so I'd like to find one at the start that is good for him.

What do you all think of Dry Blue Buffalo Wilderness-Kitten? Do you think it will help with his soft stools? Do we agree that Grain Free is better than with grain?

BTW as of today 4.24, his eyes are still blue.
Thanks.... Kay