I have been having a great deal of pain in my hips/groin/legs for the past few months. I can't stand or walk for long before there is stabbing pain mainly in the right groin area and then down that leg.

An MRI revealed deterioration of the bones below the spine resulting in pinched nerves. I've had epidural injections which have provided some but not a whole lot of relief.

Last week I saw a neurosurgeon. He advised surgery, more specifically Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion*.

This would require several days in the hospital and then three or four weeks in a rehab place.

I'm terrified at the prospect!

The surgeon said this is not something to rush into, and to talk it over with family and get more information. I have another appointment with him May 2. I also would like to get at least a second opinion before making any decisions.

Have any of you ever had surgery like this or have anyone close to you who has? Or know anything more about it or have good leads on other surgeons?

Thanks very much!


* For more information on this, go to this page: http://annarborspinecenter.com/educa...nimations.html

In the area labeled "Medical Animations" and then under "Patient Education Libraries," click "Orthopedics." Then go down the "Surgical Procedures" list to "PLIF: Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion" and click that. That's it! Fun FUN FUN!!!