What is in the water at Dodger Stadium?


June's Playboy has an article/oral history about the Bosox. It's taken from the perspective of a handful of people - fans, writers and players. It was fun to read.


In April I was able to go to an open house at Slugger Field, the home of the Red AAA farm club.

We got to walk thru the facilities and the into the dugout/clubhouse. During the tour I saw two signs in the dressing room that outlined the 'rules' about behavior in the CH, the dugout and on the field.
Some of the rules are common sense (Don't hit a player with a bat) to the kinda funny (Don't yell at the umpires).

Anyway, I would love to have a set of them for the man cave and was wondering if anyone had any info regarding who prints them, if they are available for purchase, etc.

I tried to contact the team and didn't get an answer back, I contacted the baseball HOF and they couldn't help me - I am going to email the office of the MiLB, but in the mean time I thought I'd try to ask the fans here on PT if they had any leads or info.