I recently got a puppy and I'm trying to take a wild guess at the breed(s). The woman I got the puppy from said the mother is a chow mix with Coyote in the bloodline, however, she doesn't have any idea what the father is. She said she owns 2 coyotes that stay in her backyard, I don't know if she really does or just saying that there is coyote in the bloodline thinking it would attract more buyers. After spending hours researching and trying to get an idea of what the breed might be, I think it may be a Labrador Retriever/ Chow and maybe a little Shepard mixed, however, I'm not completely sure. I plan on getting a DNA test done, but as for right now I'm trying to have fun guessing and getting an idea of what the breed might be because it has been bugging me. I will post a picture of my puppy that is 9 weeks and a picture of her mother that is a Chow mix with "coyote" in her bloodline. Can y'all please put in your inputs and tell me what y'all may think it can be? Thank you very much in advance!

Also, for a side note, all of the other puppies that were in the batch had black fur around their nose as well as their neck.