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Thread: This Family Should Never Own A Cat

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    This Family Should Never Own A Cat

    These people seem to lack any knowledge on what's proper to do to protect the baby & be fair to the cat.
    The child pulled the cat's tail & got scratched ( it doesn't show in the video) so the dad kicked the cat in the
    rear. The cat then responded by coming after him. This whole incident could have been avoided if they had
    been watching the baby or keeping the cat elsewhere if they were too busy to supervise the interaction.
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    I've seen just bits about that on the TV news and then at the start of "Inside Edition." I couldn't bear to watch the whole thing, when no doubt the evil cat is captured and taken off to be "euthanized" (likely with a club or a gun, because that's what it deserves).

    My immediate thought was: Just what did they do to provoke this? Cats don't do that just in passing.

    So many people make me just so very sick . The baby doesn't know any better, but boy, what prizes for parents..
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    Dad, the cat scratched me!

    What did you do?

    Well, I was messing with his tail.

    Boy, you'll find sympathy in the dictionary. Go apologize to the cat, give him some treats.
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    Even just seeing the headline, I knew it would be stoopid humans, not the cat's fault.
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    I saw this on the news at mom's place.

    The police did arrive. The family was let out of the bathroom and the family said this was not normal behaviour for their cat. The worst they talked about doing was finding another home for the kitty.

    There you are.
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    I remember being bitten on the nose by my childhood dog when I was teasing him with a towel. I ran inside crying to my mom who said "well, I saw you teasing him, he can't TELL you to stop so what did you expect?" Oh, right.


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