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Thread: Justice for Joe, Ontario cat shot 17 times

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    Justice for Joe, Ontario cat shot 17 times

    Hello all,

    As pet lovers I am suggesting that all who can and are willing to please sign this petition and if possible to send it on to others who might be likewise concerned. It's a small step to take in helping to ensure that perpetrators of animal cruelty receive due justice. Thanks!

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    I signed, with a slight modification of my name, just to see if this ends up increasing spam to that email address. I do not know how much good it will do, as it did not require any sort of authentication other than proving I am human, but it cannot hurt.
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    Thanks Karen,

    Seems that many people have signed, and at the very least the kitty's surgical costs have been covered with funds left over to help other shelter animals. Plus in all likelihood, with so much publicity the kit will quickly find a furrever home. It's unfortunate that in Canada as in other places the law pays all too little heed to animal abusers.

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    My understanding is that email petitions are useless but legitimate online petitions have an impact, such as the ones issued by, Avaaz and others.

    YouSign is a new one to me so I don't know if I would sign it.

    Some of Joe's story is in Dog House. Thank goodness he recovered!
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    I signed. I don't know if these things have any effect. At least they help get the word out, I suppose.

    I'm so glad Joe survived, and I hope he will have a wonderful home to go to when he is fully recovered.

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    I will never understand some humans (or should they be called inhumans). So very sad.

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