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    To the family of Max: Your pup certainly was a handsome dude and you did a great job of capturing his beauty in pictures. I'm so sorry for your loss but just keep in mind that he was one of a kind and he will live in your hearts forever. I've been through that kind of loss many times and it never get any easier. I have found, however, that after each loss, a new compartment with infinite capacity opens in my heart where they will reside for so long as God sees fit. Some people ask why do I go through the pain of loss and I tell them that the joy of my pet's love and companionship is worth whatever price I have to pay. I honor each lost pet by giving another rescued pet (mostly dogs for me) a loving home and the very best life that I can provide. I'm glad to read that you have others as well. Thanks for honoring Max on what would have been his thirteenth birthday. I'm glad to part of that celebration of his life. Peace and contentment to you and yours.
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    The wonderful max

    What a wonderful dog Max was, with his big floppy ears and multi-coloured fur. I particularly like his rich red, very regal.

    I, and my parents are sorry to here that Max is no longer with us on Earth. However, I'm sure he's watching from pet heaven and smiling; knowing that he is 'Dog of the Day' and has been immortalised for ever.

    Hugs and purrs to Max's parents.



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    what a beautiful boy!

    So sorry for your loss of your sweet boy. What a wonderful life he had with you..I can tell by looking at the pics and reading what you wrote that you loved him so much. He is just beautiful..and you were both blessed to share his time of earth together. You will see him again at the bridge.
    tina b

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    Angel Maxie~

    To the family of Max~Thank you for sharing your beautiful Beagle boy, your Dog of a Lifetime with us, along all of those precious photos. Giving us the chance to pay tribute to him here today is truly our honor, and I hope reading all of the message of support, seeing him being honored here today, brings you some comfort. Max was given a priceless gift, the day you welcomed him into your home and hearts, and for 8 wonderful years he repaid your kindness, your love, with his unconditional love, his joyful personality, his devoted companionship. What a brave and courageous boy he was, battling his seemingly incurable health challenges with such strength and dignity. Thanks to your unwavering commitment to healing him, his indomitable spirit, he was blessed with a miracle, beating the odds, sharing 5 more wonderful years with you. What a beautiful best friend you had in Max. He was one extra special boy, one in a million. I only wish there was another miracle to be had for you and for him. And to Maxi, sweetheart, look over your mom and dad from the Rainbow Bridge and send down your love to them until that happy day of reunion. They miss you so very much. . .

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

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    Unforgettable Max!

    Congratulations to Max (and his human parents) on being DOTD today; however, he was DOTD every day! Max's photos are gorgeous! Max was a fighter and so strong-willed throughout his illness; it's obvious he loved his forever home and parents and didn't want to leave until he had no choice. Sometimes life is cruel and unfair but lovable Max will NEVER be forgotten!! XOXOXO

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    Max was such a handsome boy! I'm sure he is missed. I hope Max being DOTD makes this a special day for his family.
    Forever in my heart...

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    So glad that Max was chosen DOTD today, he definitely deserves it and it was so wonderful that you shared his sweet self with us. So sorry for your profound loss, but we're glad you have so many wonderful memories forever and always. Just fell in love with your Max.


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