To the family of Max: Your pup certainly was a handsome dude and you did a great job of capturing his beauty in pictures. I'm so sorry for your loss but just keep in mind that he was one of a kind and he will live in your hearts forever. I've been through that kind of loss many times and it never get any easier. I have found, however, that after each loss, a new compartment with infinite capacity opens in my heart where they will reside for so long as God sees fit. Some people ask why do I go through the pain of loss and I tell them that the joy of my pet's love and companionship is worth whatever price I have to pay. I honor each lost pet by giving another rescued pet (mostly dogs for me) a loving home and the very best life that I can provide. I'm glad to read that you have others as well. Thanks for honoring Max on what would have been his thirteenth birthday. I'm glad to part of that celebration of his life. Peace and contentment to you and yours.