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Thread: Update on Pillsbury

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    Update on Pillsbury

    I don't know if anybody remembers my sister/roommate adopting two kittens a few months ago. Pillsbury came from the humane society with questionable blood work that they just dismissed and never told us about and just said he needed grain free food due to a sensitive stomach. Well, that isn't so. After several different vets seeing him, he does have hyperthyroidism. He's the youngest cat they've seen with it so one vet got together with a whole panel of vets to go over his results. One of the vets my sister saw said he suspects Pillsbury could have feline leukemia and it just is showing false negatives right now. Pillsbury ended up having a swollen lymph node for a few days earlier this year and that made my sister ask the humane society where he came from if they could help with some of the bills to figure out what is wrong with him. Surprisingly they paid for almost $400 worth of work. Vet x-rayed him thinking he had maybe a tumor on his thyroid because he's not responding to thyroid meds but came up with nothing. Anyway, in all, Pillsbury has at least hyperthyroidism. He's not sick right now. Unless something more can be figured out, the latest from the vet is to wait and treat him as symptoms show up. Vets are all baffled by him. Hopefully he is in a good long stretch of fine health right now.

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    How wonderful of the rescue to donate some "dough" to help Pillsbury! I hope he outgrows whatever is happening in his system, and has a long happy and loved life!
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    I'm glad the x-rays didn't come up with any tumors. And how good of the Humane Society to chip in for Pillsbury's care.

    We are adding our prayers and good wishes for Pillsbury's "good long stretch of fine health right now."

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