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Thread: Updated dog pics

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    Updated dog pics

    Eleanor is almost 8 months now. She's 17.5 inches and still a bit under 30 pounds I think. She didn't get as big as all my friends and family thought she would. She's still as bossy as ever to Sully so I'm hoping the application for obedience classes made it through the mail on time.

    love this pic

    Eleanor likes to drag around the blanket from her kennel. It must be in the room with her. She's like a little Linus from Peanuts.

    Sully doesn't like his picture taken

    He's proving himself useless as a protection dog. When I come home from work he doesn't even get off the bed to see who's at the door. He just lays there thumping his tail as fast as he can. It makes me laugh every time I get home. The cat makes a better guard beast.
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    Hee hee - but Sully knows it's YOU at the door! I bet if you sent a stranger to the door instead of yourself sometime, he'd spring - okay at least move - into defensive action!

    Good to see everybuddy! Eleanor is still so slender - I wonder if she'll fill out in the shoulders any more over time!
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    They are all precious. Towser does the same thing with his blanket from his crate.
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