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Thread: Nigel!!!

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    You're so handsome Nigel!!! It sounds like you have some very important work ahead of you! Good for you!
    Congrats on being POTD! Have a good day!
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    Hello Nigel, it's a pleasure to meet you. Wow! I am so impressed with what your human wrote about you and your future work. Not only are you smart but you are a beautiful horse.

    Nigel and I would like to add a plug for the Marion County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Teams. We are multifaceted, Jeep team, ATV team, Foot crew a.k.a. Team 18, Chuckwagon and of course my favorite, the Mounted Posse

    That's wonderful that you will be trained eventually to help with one or more of the above teams who need your abilities. What a wonderful way to help people and if necessary animals too.

    Thank you for sharing Nigel with us. Congrats on being POTD--very well deserved!

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    What a team!

    Greetings Nigel! Happy Pet of the Day to you and to your mom as well! What a stunning horse you are Nigel; your photos are simply breathtaking! Kudos to the talented photographer for capturing you in all of your equine glory, though I can't imagine you are capable of a "bad" picture! And equally as impressive is the task you have taken on! You and your mom are going to do the Mounted Posse proud! I was so moved, reading of the great work of the Marion County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team, in all of its many facets! The dedication of the animals and humans both, their selfless devotion to search and rescue, to helping others at their own peril, is truly an inspiration, and so very worthy of our praise and heartfelt thanks! What exciting times await you and you your mom, Nigel, and I'll be hoping for you both all the best in all of your future endeavors! But I can't imagine that for you and your mom it's all work and no "play!" After all, at the end of the day, it is the bond of unwavering loyalty, complete trust and unconditional love that you share that makes it all worthwhile! Great thanks to your mom for sharing your heartwarming story with us, Nigel! Meeting you has truly brightened by dark winter's day! Enjoy your well earned day of honor, beautiful boy, celebrating with your family and all of your friends and fans at Marion County Sheriff's Search and Rescue! Lots of love to you, magnificent Nigel!

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    Nigel what a stunning fellow you are!!!

    I bet you will do the Posse proud!!! I loved your gorgeous photos. You and your mom make a great team. Please thank her for sharing you with us. I hope you are both enjoying your special day. You certainly brightened my day.

    Congratulations, sweet Nigel, on being our very special Pet of the Day!!!
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    Nigel is magnificent! I am sure he will be the very best at what he does because it is obvious that he's a Superstar!


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