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Thread: These 25 Genius Ads Brilliantly Make Their Point. I Love #17Ö Mmmmmmmm.

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    These 25 Genius Ads Brilliantly Make Their Point. I Love #17Ö Mmmmmmmm.

    Iíd like to think that really clever and honest advertising is an art form. Not just anyone can think of a brilliant way to promote their product while entertaining the consumer. That takes real talent. The 25 advertisements below are just a few examples of how awesome advertisers can be when they put their minds to it (and donít just use smut to get our attention).
    1.) Hoover makes us think hard about suction.


    2.) Nike stresses dedication and training.


    3.) Penline Stationary touts its strong tape.

    Penline Stationary

    4.) Convinced to go to the Calgary Film Festival?

    Calgary International Film Festival

    5.) Iíve never been so inspired to find a job I like.

    Jobs in Town

    6.) What are those little pestsÖ wait!


    7.) Berger apparently has uber natural shades of paint.


    8.) I think they want you to stop smoking.

    Quit Plan

    9.) MMMM, treats from Nestle heaven!


    10.) Even other billboards want Mars bars.


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    11.) The Sopranos will make you do a double-take.

    The Sopranos

    12.) Vazir Breveries makes a compelling argument to not drink and drive.

    Vazir Breveries

    13.) The Elm Grove Police show you the ugly truth. Slow down.

    Elm Grove Police

    14.) UNICEF raises awareness for water conservation/cleanliness concerns in a unique way.


    15.) A distracting bus stop.

    16.) Toys Direct reminds grown up commuters where to go for holiday shopping.

    Toys Direct

    17.) I would break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bench if I could.

    Kit Kat

    18.) This heavy message for the Global Coalition for Peace would be hard to miss.

    Global Coalition for Peace

    19.) Pepperidge Farms reminds you JUST how soft their bread is.

    Pepperidge Farms

    20.) Science World gives passers by a quick beaver lesson.

    Science World

    Three more...
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    21.) Mr. Clean makes a pretty good point.

    Mr. Clean

    22.) This hair removal product is either really easyÖ or really creepy.

    23.) I think we get the microscopic point, Orion Telescopes.

    Orion Telescopes

    24.) Donít like bumpy cellulite (or couches)? Nivea has a solution for you.


    25.) You may want to be careful when using WMF knives.


    Now, how long will I last before going out to buy enough Kit Kat bars to build my own chocolate bench? (Iím guessing 5-6 minutes.) Advertisements are an amazing medium for people to show their creativity. These 25 ads should get some kind of award.
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    Some of these are better than others - the "billboard that fades into the sky would be more impressive if one couldn't see obvious signs of photoshopping in the sky above where it theoretically bleeds into the sign color ...

    There is a watertower not far from us that is painted a pale blueish color, but only matches the sky above it maybe once or twice a year.
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    I don't get #14 - is it just meant to be a way of collecting donations? I also don't get what makes the bus stop in #15 distracting. It took me a long time to figure out the man in the gasoline pump, too (duh).
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    I think 15 is a scale she is sitting on and the board is posting her weight
    # 6 with the dog is pretty cool.

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    Nice. Love the doggie. Dang pesky humans.
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