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Thread: Tehya the BabyDog

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    Tehya the BabyDog

    Glacier, how is Tehya doing?

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    She's doing ok. We're still fighting to get her electrolytes balanced. Her sodium levels are still low & her potassium was higher again on her last test. Not enough to freak out about, but enough that she won't get a break from the blood draws! She goes back on March 8 for another test. If her electrolytes are still wonky, we will have to adjust her meds again. She's very good about taking her pills, but she's never been a good eater. Makes it tricky to monitor her appetite; poor appetite is a major symptom for her.

    She's not allowed too much exercise yet; it messes up her electrolytes. She can handle about 5km & not much farther. She'll never pull again, but she's ok with that! She's happy and plays in the yard lots. She's become very clingy this winter. Not sure if that's from the Addison's or something else. I do believe she knows how very close to death she was & that it scared her as much as me! She most definately knows that our dogsitter saved her life. She goes nuts when she sees Todd!

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    You can't really tell in this pic, but much of her black fur has turned grey! My vet says every Addison's dog she knows loses their fur pigment & my doc says humans with the disease go grey early too!

    Thanks for thinking of her!
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    Awww, hopefully things will level out pretty soon! We miss her on Pet Talk, and we know no matter what she'll always be the Baby Dog!
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    That was a great idea, to post a thread asking about our PT Baby Dog, thanks for that, Freckles!

    Sounds like Tehya is still living the good life, on HER terms -- hasn't she always done that? I laughed when you said she won't pull again, I immediately recalled how she was never keen on that role. So the end of your sentence, "she's okay with that" was NO surprise.

    Please give her some cuddles, from me.


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