Lots of changes in my aquarium.

I have 5 otos (otocinclus), 8 lamp eye tetras, and 5 long fin danios in there. Today I can only locate 2 of the otos, they are reclusive.

I have changed the background, so the fish stand out more. The prior background was too 'busy' for such small fish. And in the last hour, my new lights FINALLY arrived! I now have LED lighting, with 3 settings: daylight, lunar, and off.

Here are pics with the daylight setting. The tank is brighter than in these photos; I had to turn off the camera flash as it just bounces back into the lens, and with no flash the tank appears darker.
Here you can easily spot the danios

Danios tend to stay near the top of the water. This photos shows them and the tetras who are schooling just now; adding the lights has them nervous, so they are sticking together.

Close ups of the 2 otos I could find:

Here the tank has the lunar light setting on. I see now, there is lots of reflection in the tank, sorry about that. You can see the tetras on the lower left, in front of the 'jug.'

I have lots of 'stuff' floating about, from the cuke and zuke strips I've had in there for the otos. I did a 25% water change yesterday, will give it a day or 2 and do that once more.

That's all!