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    Hi all, I show my Papillons in Conformation. I have had paps since 2005 and have loved them ever since. I am huge dog lover and enjoy learning more about them. I also have a Cockatiel named Keiko. He is super smart and talkative.

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    Hi! Welcome to Pet Talk! Papillons are such cuties, I met my first one when I was a kid. Our neighbors were given a Papillon for free because he had cancer in his front leg so it had to be amputated, and he could no longer be a show dog. He had no concept he was any different, and thought he was every bit as big as their collie mix - except he actually DID fit on laps!
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    Welcome to the forum!

    When I was considering getting dogs in late 2006, it came down to Papillons and Bichons. Please share some photos!


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