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    Aww Wolly, you're adorable!!! What a fabulous tree house you and your brothers have! Congrats on being POTD!
    Have a fun day celebrating with Jason, Wicky and Purple! You're all adorable!
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    Wonderful Wolly!

    Congratulations, Wolly, on being POTD! You are gorgeous! (So are all of your furry friends!) You're so lucky to have found a loving forever home with a family that appreciates you!! We hope you enjoy your special honor today! And best wishes for a long, happy, healthy, safe life!!!

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    Wolly, you are so beautiful. I loe that black and white fur. You have your own house, too! Congrats!
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    What a wonderfu guinea pig

    Wolly, the pet of the day, is magnificient. The blue eyes are so rare. The fur is wonderful.
    I like the colour black and white.
    And it' s a gigant treehouse.
    I hope that your animals become still very old and you take a lot of pleasure. Many best regards to Germany, Brandenburg-Falkensee sends chocolat.

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    The Fab Four!

    Hi Wolly! Happy Piggy Pet of the Day to you, and to your adorable brothers Jason, Wicky and Purple, too! What a precious quartet of long haired wheekers you make! You guys remind me of the "Fab Four," the Beatles, with those long mops of hair! Oh wait! Looks like one of you got a haircut just before the photo session! What a wonderful life you have been blessed with Wolly, right down to that amazing, handmade tree house! I dare not show that picture to my pig; he'll be wanting one of his own! Yes, you certainly are one most pampered piggy, and deservedly so! Every creature should be so loved, so spoiled, so well cared for! Thanks to your person for sharing your adorable self with us! Meeting you and your precious brothers, reading all about your enchanted life, has put a huge smile on my face! Enjoy your big day in the spotlight, sweeetheart, paling around with your piggy bros, chowing down on lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, carrots and apples, being spoiled rotten! Lots of love, cuddles and little kisses to you, adorable Wolly, and to Jason, Wicky and Purple, too!

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    Wow!! You and your brothers sure have it made with that gorgerous palace, precious Wolly! I don't know how your devoted guardian chose you among all four to nominate as POTD, but hope you will share your regal crown with the others just as deserving as you! May you all enjoy many more years together and get all your favorite foods and treats to celeberate today!

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    Wolly what an adorable fellow you are!!!

    I loved seeing your wonderful pictures. They certainly brightened up my cold gloomy day. What a beautiful tree house you and your brothers have. I bet it's lots of fun living in it. Please thank your loving human for sharing you with us today. I hope you are all enjoying a wonderfully fun day together.

    Congratulations, sweet Wolly, on being our very special Pet of the Day!!!
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