I have been feeding my 10 yr old BC basic food, like Pedigree. With usually a little moist food on top,
to make it taste better. My vet says this is fine. She does not feel premium dog foods would be healthier
for my BC. But, I'm thinking of buying Taste of the Wild. Sometimes, I use a little gravy from crockpot
cooking, as the topping for his basic dog food. I'm afraid some might get left in his bowl, go bad and make
him sick. This could happen with the canned food too, I would think. Costing me a big vet bill. So, I wash
his bowl everyday, to prevent this problem.

A premium dog food, that my BC would just eat, without a topping, would be easier for me. Cost of the new
food is more, but not that much. I was told the problem with some so-called premium foods is dogs often get
overweight. So, they are not more healthy, for dogs if this happens. My BC has always been between
45-50 lbs., right were a male BC should be. I would think if I follow the instructions on the side of the bag,
my BC should not gain weight on the new food. Anyone have any experience with doing this?