Today, it is a year ago I had to say goodbye to my dear precious Fister - I miss him SO much! He was a really special boy and he made my life a happier one.

Since then, I have looked after other cats, but I have to say, none of them comes close to what Fister was, although I do like them. Lucy, who was here for three weeks would even lay on top of me.

As you may remember, Fisterís own vet was away sick at the time, but when he came back, I didnít hear a word from him, and I was very disappointed, because I had e-mailed him some questions. Then, about a month ago, he contacted me on FB and we are friends there, now. He said:

ď.... to my horror were four old messages, including yours. I'm really sorry for not having read it at the time, even though it would not have changed anything. I believe the decision to give him peace was right. I had fallen and got a major concussion. It gave transient nausea, headaches and dizziness, but worst of all, I lost my sense of smell and taste. It has never returned :-( Hope you have recovered somewhat, although the loss was great. Fister was obviously much loved. Come by and say hello one day ...Ē I will.

Here are few of Fisterís latest pictures.

This one is from a month before I said goodbye to him.

From January 2013

Fister, I miss you very much and will keep you in heart forever.
I hope you are giving John a lot of headbumpies at the RB.