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Thread: Introducing: Rodney McKay!

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    Introducing: Rodney McKay!

    About a week ago, I was looking around pet stores for a gerbil. I have never had gerbils before but I had researched them extensively and felt like it was about time to put my toes in the water so to speak. After going to a few stores, I realized that gerbils were out of season (plus they just aren't common up here.) I was at the last store I planned on stopping at and was just about to go home when I noticed the cutest Russian hamster playing with a chew stick. The other two hamsters in the tank were sound asleep and pretty oblivious to my presence. This guy poked his head up from his chew toy and looked right at me and then kept playing. I knew right then and there I had found a new friend. He's already quite hand tame and isn't at all nervous around people he knows. His favorite things to do are burrowing under his bedding and eating, which is easy to tell from the pictures I've gotten of him. He's named after a character on the TV show Stargate Atlantis. So...without further adieu, meet Mr. Rodney McKay!

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    Hee hee - hopefully he's not as opinionated as his namesake! Welcome to Pet Talk, Rodney!
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    Oh what a cutie you are Rodney!
    Forever in my heart...

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    Rodney appeared on SG1 first

    I swear I didn't watch all 200+ episodes on Netflix And for those that don't know, both shows shared the same characters for nearly 2 seasons, before both shows were cancelled rather quickly. Which made the endings on both stupid *cries*

    Edit: How does Rodney like Oranges?

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    I totally forgot that McKay appeared on SG1 first! You'd think I'd remember (I've seen all of the episodes too...multiple times )

    Rodney has grown into quite the personable critter. He's not at all food motivated which is surprising. He's pretty picky when it comes to food, too, although more towards functional foods. He isn't a fan of sweet treats or any sort of "human" food. He prefers seeds, nuts and the occasional dried fruit. He loves being petted and having his head gently scratched. He'll even head bump like a cat when he's in a cuddly mood.

    Edit: I've tried to handle him with citrus smell on my hands and he runs away. I think he very well may have a thing against oranges!

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    What a cutie! Welcome little fellow!


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