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    Your new cat is so cute & pretty in color..But did it ever occur to you that cats raised indoors are never killed by cars, poisoned,stolen etc,etc,.....Keep your cats safe & let them live a long life......

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    i agree your cats should be kept indoors. you have already seen that they are unsafe outside. sugar probably got into some antifreeze in the garage! they love it, but it's deadly!

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    oh yes, anti-freeze is SO deadly! I still can't break my cat Mia of chewing on plastic bags. She is obsessed with them and occasionally she will come across one. Gonna have to up my game. SO many things to remember but I gotta lose all plastic bags. WHY in GODS NAME would she eat plastic bags!!!! They don't look too tasty to me. Sometime I feel like she only does it to piss me off. I really do

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    I had to give Spicy to Madelynne 5 weeks ago. She was just so violent with Mia. I haven't been able to get over it quite yet but as my husband said " we have to do what is best for her". I phoned to check up on her and she is thriving, affectionate and happy in her new home Yaaaaaay! SO hard. I love her so very much and miss her. I am just so glad she is thriving and happy in her new home, gonna bawl now

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    p.s. there's a hole in my heart that goes all the way to China

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    Just came across this thread whilst browsing and wanted to add something to the initial post. Keeping cats indoors can, in many instances, be a good idea, however - please remember that this will not guarantee a 'long and happy life'!

    Whilst your cat may not be exposed to the several dangers posed by your neighbourhood, in my general experience, indoor cats undergo more vet visits during their lifetime compared to cats allowed access outdoors. Indoor cats are seemingly more prone to a multitude of conditions, including obesity, diabetes, lower urinary tract infections, stress and behavioural problems. No cat is of course immune to any of these problems, but poor management of the indoor cat increases the risk of their development.

    Please always remember that you are keeping an active, intelligent and naturally unsociable animal within the boundaries of your home! Always ensure that your cat receives a correctly balanced diet, plenty of mental stimulation, environmental enrichment, adequate exercise and a place for to get away from everyone else in the home (including other cats).

    There are many people on PT who keep happy, healthy indoor cats. For anyone reading this who keeps an indoor cat or is thinking about doing so, lots of good information can be found at

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