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Thread: Kyzack the Lovable Hunk!

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    Kyzack the Lovable Hunk!

    Hello, most handsome Kyzack! What a gorgeous guy you are! I would like to reach right through my monitor to give you some big hugs! How wonderful that you let your person know to call the emergency services to help your neighbor! You made sure your person went to check on her when something was not right ! I smiled when I read about your daily routines and all the things you do each day I bet your person enjoys having you as an office-mate; I know I would! I probably would not get much work done because I would be giving you hugs, petting and helping you through your daily duties! You are absolutely beautiful, Ky! Could you please have your people give you some extra petting and hugs for me, sweet hunky guy Happy Dog of the Day to you!
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    Kyzack Mawdsley what a beautiful boy you are, and a very smart one too! How lucky was your neighbor that you were around! I love all your pics and wish I could give you a great big hug. A very happy DOTD to you!
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    Stunning Kyzack!

    Greetings Kyzack! Happy Dog of the Day to you! Oh, what a beautiful boy you are, Kyzack, in body and in heart! That is one proud daddy talking...and one incredibly talented photographer of a daddy to boot! Your photos are simply stunning, Kyzack, each one more beautiful than the next! How lucky that a hunky handsome, photogenic fellow such as yourself has a professional photographer for a parent! But it's not just your incredible good looks that make you so extra special! In true Malamute style, you're packed with personality and loyal to a fault; fun loving, life loving and chatty! But learning how you came to the aid of your elderly neighbor, relentlessly alerting your daddy to her dire condition, well, that makes you a hero in my book! I'm sure you love your mom as much as your dad, but being able to spend each day at home with your daddy no doubt makes your and his bond an extra special one! What a team you two make, what a lucky family is yours, having a beautiful, intelligent, loyal and loving best friend and protector, a never ending source of joy (not to mention a willing model) in you, Kyzack! You're one extra special pup, sweetheart, and how very worthy you are of your Dog of the Day honors! I hope you're enjoying a very special day, celebrating with your proud parents, being treated to all your heart desires and more! Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you beautiful Kyzack , the lovable hunk!

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    You're a gorgeous boy Kyzack!!! What a good boy, helping your neighbor! Congrats on being DOTD!
    I hope this is a special day for you and your family!
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    Hello Kyzack! I enjoyed reading your story, but especially seeing your wonderful pictures!
    Looks like you were really enjoying the water.

    Congrats on being Dog of the Day!!!
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    Thank you for the siggy, Michelle!

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    Kyzack, gorgeous, clever and a doggy hero! What a special boy you are.

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    Thanks to everyone about their kind remarks about Kyzack ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Taz_Zoee View Post
    Hello Kyzack! I enjoyed reading your story, but especially seeing your wonderful pictures!
    Looks like you were really enjoying the water.

    Congrats on being Dog of the Day!!!
    Again .. to everyone who commented ... you are very kind.

    Yes .... he is really a magnificent animal ... tender, sensitive, tactile and loving ... he responds well to us all and gives without asking much in return.


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    Kyzack, a true hero!! What a gorgeous boy you are. Congratulations on being the dog of the day

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    Hello KyZack. It was nice of you to take care of your neighbor. Dogs are such wonderful companions to us humans.

    You certainly are photogenic. I look forward to seeing more lovely photos are your handsome self.

    Congrats on being named Dog of the Day!
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    Hello Kyszack! What an absolutely gorgeous boy you are.

    I loved seeing your photos and hearing your story. No wonder your dad enjoys your company in his office - and I bet him fit with up to five walks a day.

    Have fun and celebrate through the weekend, with extra treats and lots of loving. I wish you a long, happy and healthy life!

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