Please think positive thoughts for my cat Cleo. She was at the vets yesterday because she was having trouble peeing. She was even trying to pee on the bed and floor which she never does you could tell she was in so much discomfort. The vet said her bladder was too small to get a sample from it so we should treat it like a bacterial infection and she gave her an antibiotic, pain medication, and anti-spasms medication. She was given two doses of medication yesterday and last night she was still seeming to have some trouble peeing. This morning she was still trying to pee and got a little bit out but not much.

I called the vets this morning and the vet called me back and said they will give her fluids first to see if that will help her by flushing her system and if that doesn’t work and she is still struggling to pee then she’ll have to an x-ray to see if she has any stones. We just did the x-ray at 3:15 p.m. and she has no stones at all. She still has urine in her bladder but no stones. Which is really good. But she still having a lot of discomfort and the vet said there is no stool just some gas in her bowels. The vet gave her a steriod injection and I hope soon that will kick in. The poor thing is just miserable. She is back at work with me and she is still trying to pee.

The vet said to give her the night and maybe with another dose of her meds it might help. I sure hope so because I don't know what else they can do for her.