I saw a promotion on TV for the Winter Olympics in Russia, which got me thinking that it must be almost Cat Olympics time again

Some Of The Events Scheduled Are

Cold Weather Cat Piling.
Synchronized Sleeping.
Kitchen Floor/milk Ring Hockey
Tile Floor Speed Skating (team And Individual Events) And
Lap Curling.

The Events Are Open To All Cat-estants And All Nationalities.

Please Prepare Your Kids To Enter!

Thank You,

2014 Cat-olympic Organizing Committee.

Cassie would like to try a new event this year. She is getting very good at Dining Room / Kitchen Floor Hockey ... when she eats the last little bit of wet food from her dish, she seems to push at it () and I sometimes find it a few tile-widths away from where I put it down for her. If that doesn't work out, she is skilled at Taking Naps in Hidey Spots.