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    Boone is a good looking guy. I searched for his Facebook page and found a doggie in Montana who looks just like him but that dog belongs to a vet and as noted is in Montana. Can you post your Facebook page so I can follow Mr. Boone?.

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    Hi Boone what a gentle soul you are. Happy DOTD!!
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    Lovable Boone!

    Congratulations, Boone, on being DOTD! What a handsome, special, precious, caring, photogenic boy you are! We hope you have an extra-special day, enjoying your honor! Best wishes for a long, happy, healthy life in your loving forever home!

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    You're a handsome boy Boone!!! Your pictures are adorable! I bet you're a lot of fun. What a touching story about you and your horse.
    Congrats on being DOTD! Have fun!
    Forever in my heart...

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    His person got back to me just now, we'll add it to his page, but his Facebook page is:
    I've Been Frosted

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    Boone makes me happy to be alive! Love his beautiful eyes, what a sweetheart and the best DOTD

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    Congrats on being Dog of the Day, Boone!
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    Dear, beautiful Boone. I can't begin to tell you how touched I was, reading your proud human's love filled tribute to her/his beautiful boy. In fact, I can't imagine anyone reading your story and not getting teary eyed. Your loyalty and devotion to your beloved horse pal, your entire family, is without equal. The image of you searching the pasture for your horse pal, the place where you two no doubt shared so many happy times, the vision of you quietly resting beside him in a final act of loyalty, in a final farewell, not only reaffirms my faith in the bond between species, between animals and humans, but in all things living. There simply are no words adequate to express just how special you are, Boone. You're one in a million, a gentle giant, a Dog of a Lifetime, and all lucky enough to be touched by your loving spirit, including your doggie and kitty pals, are truly blessed. (That pic of you and your kitty bud snuggling is heart melting.) And I am sure today your beloved horse friend is looking down on you from the Rainbow Bridge, smiling, and anxiously awaiting that happy day when once again you and he will be romping in the greenest of pastures under sun drenched skies, never to be separated again. And oh yes, Boone, you surely are one photogenic boy! LOVE your photo spread; so heartwarming and I LOVE your outfits! Can't wait to "like" or "friend" you on Facebook as well! Thanks to your wonderful family for giving us the opportunity to honor you, sweetheart! Meeting you was the most wonderful way to start my Sunday! Have a fun day, Boone, celebrating your Dog of the Day reign with your human and furry family, being treated to all your BIG heart desires and more! Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you, beautiful Boone, our very special and most deserving Sunday honoree!

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    You're a lovely looking dog Boone and your story brought tears to my eyes, another horse owner here.
    Enjoy your DOTD and remember your friend is looking down on you.

    I've been frosted--- thank you Cassie'smom

    I've been Boo'd----


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