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Thread: Cats and FIP

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    Cats and FIP

    I have two cats at home, a boy and a girl, and the boy- Marcus- is a rescue baby.

    He got sick a little after Christmas, and we decided to take him in to the vet as he didn't show any signs of getting better.

    After blood test and xrays the vet said he's pretty sure Marcus has FIP (though not %100 because there's no specific way to diagnose it)

    Marcus is not suffering at the moment, and he's home in hopes that it's not FIP and he'll get better. If he gets worse though it's time to say goodbye..

    My question though; my other cat is 6 years old and is there any possible way she can get FIP from Marcus?

    I've read that it's both contagious and not contagious, our vet said it wasn't but to keep them away from each other?

    They share litter boxes (there's 2) but they are cleaned almost immediately after one of them uses it (give or take a couple hours if we see it right away or not)

    Mizzie is showing no signs of being sick, so I hope that that's a good thing since Marcus has been sick about 2 weeks now give or take.

    I can't even think of having to get rid of Marcus, let alone both of my babies, and I would feel much better if someone could verify if Mizzie can get sick from Marcus or not.

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    Have they been together for years already? Chances are if he was contagious, she'd already have been exposed. Do they ever draw blood in play?
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    We've only had him 4 months, and Mizzie pretty well ignores him. They've never played together, and he's really nice anyways he doesn't scratch or bite. She bobs him on the head sometimes but that's about it.

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    following copied from above link
    The coronavirus is spread through direct contact via the nose and mouth with infected feces, so sharing litter boxes is a major route of transmission of coronavirus. However, as previously noted, FIP only develops in some cats who are infected with the coronavirus, so exposure does not automatically mean cats will get FIP. ***this link has some useful information****
    following copied from above link
    How Can an Infectious Disease not be Contagious?

    Feline infectious peritonitis is a reaction to infection with the feline enteric coronavirus. Most cats who become infected with the feline enteric coronavirus (often simply called feline coronavirus) essentially get the flu and never develop anything that can in any way be described as serious. Some cats, however, react with this devastating syndrome.

    I hope these links helps some.
    praying its not FIP
    You and your babies are in my thoughts and prayer.

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    MooShoo tested positive for FIP. The vet said it didn't necessarily mean he HAD it, only that he was exposed to it. There are two types of FIP, wet and dry. The wet kind is the one you have to worry about.

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    Last year one of my guys (Connor) was diagnosed with wet FIP. Unfortunately, not long after that I made the decision to allow him to go to the RB.

    I was worried about my other cats and my vet told me that if it is transferred, it most commonly occurs via the litter box. Is it possible for them to have separate litter boxes?

    I hope for Marcus and your sake that this is not FIP.

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    I'm sorry about Marcus. I have had experience with suspected FIP; a long time ago I had a cat who we suspected had it. She was in close contact with others of my cats and they didn't get sick. It may be a specific gene in some cats that make them more susceptible. It would be good if they had a decent test for it.
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    None of my guys got FIP from Connor. He was at particular risk because he was on long-term steriod use (for his teeth) and that lowered his immune system.

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