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Thread: Dog pees and poops inside

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    Dog pees and poops inside

    We have had our dog for 6 months now. Shih tzu! We live in Hawaii and they say we couldnt put our puppy on the ground till she had all her shots. That took about 3 to 4 months. While we had her inside we had her trained on the pee pee pads. It was going pretty well until about 3 weeks ago. We came home and she was tearing up the pee pads. Now she won't go on them at all anymore. She just tears them up. She never did like pooping on them. She has a special spot near the door so when I open it when I come home I smudge the poop all over the floor. It's just.....precious. Anyhow, we have been trying to take her outside a lot more then before. We will take her out and she walks around like she wants to pee but never does. Then when we take her inside, it's like clockwork. Pee and poop. We recently put a diaper on her cause were in a rental and can't have her destroying the carpets. Is there and great ways to helping my puppy learn to go outside. When she does go outside we always cheer for her and give her a treat. When she goes inside we give a quick NOOOOOO!!!!!! Then we sit her outside for a bit. Still no luck. Help?

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    Okay, what is your daily routine with her? When does she eat? How soon after do you take her outside? The key is to out-stubborn your puppy, establish a routine, and stick to it! Also, clean that spot she so likes with a good enzymatic cleaner - Nature's Miracle is one - so it no longer signals "good spot to pee" to her!
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    As soon as the dog wakes up, take them outside.

    A 'nature call' is what wakes most sleeping creatures up, so if you get that habit going, it may help the problem?

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    Praising her for doing the right thing is definitely good! Just stick with it!
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    There are several things you need to work on.

    Watch for her system. Some of my dogs had to go right after eating; some had to go 2 hours after eating. Figure out WHEN she has to go, and have her outside at that time.

    Watch for her signals. All dogs do SOMETHING before they go. My Riley spins around in place. Many dogs sniff, looking for the perfect spot. Figure out what her signals are.

    Keep a baggie of high quality treats handy. These can be boiled boneless skinless chicken breast, hot dog, or cheese. The pieces are SMALL. For example, one hot dog can make 88 treats. (I only ever made 62, but this gives you an idea how SMALL training treats are!) These are things she only gets as praise /reward for doing a good job. So you do not use her kibble for this.

    Use the training treats for teaching her all the basic commands: sit, shake hands, come, etc. so she learns to pay attention to you and starts to want to please you (for a treat!).

    When you see her giving 'her' signal, when it is time to take her out, or when you are taking her for a walkies outside grab your baggie. Take her for walks where other dogs are walked -- most dogs want to mark OVER another dog's scent. Take her to the park for walkies. When she goes, have a PAWTY! Jump up and down, clap your hands, smile and laugh, and praise and treat! If your neighbors and your dog are looking at you like you are nuts, you are doing it right. Anything less is NOT ENOUGH.

    Consider taking her to obedience training group classes. Classes help the dog bond with you and want to please you -- and so it does make potty training easier!

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    I would also keep her crated if she can't be watched closely. The more accidents she has the harder it will be to break the habit. If she doesn't go while outside put her back in the crate and a few minutes later take her back outside. Keep doing this until she does what she is suppose to.

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    The problem is that she is used to doing it inside. She thinks that that is where she is supposed to do it. Now, you have to show her that that ain't right. For that, you need to persistent. You need to take her outside on at the times you think she needs to do it. After a nap, after an extended play session, and after eating. Take her outside, and don't come back in before she does it. Also, it would be best not to pick her up and take her outside, but lead her outside. That way she will learn interdependency.

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