We have had our dog for 6 months now. Shih tzu! We live in Hawaii and they say we couldnt put our puppy on the ground till she had all her shots. That took about 3 to 4 months. While we had her inside we had her trained on the pee pee pads. It was going pretty well until about 3 weeks ago. We came home and she was tearing up the pee pads. Now she won't go on them at all anymore. She just tears them up. She never did like pooping on them. She has a special spot near the door so when I open it when I come home I smudge the poop all over the floor. It's just.....precious. Anyhow, we have been trying to take her outside a lot more then before. We will take her out and she walks around like she wants to pee but never does. Then when we take her inside, it's like clockwork. Pee and poop. We recently put a diaper on her cause were in a rental and can't have her destroying the carpets. Is there and great ways to helping my puppy learn to go outside. When she does go outside we always cheer for her and give her a treat. When she goes inside we give a quick NOOOOOO!!!!!! Then we sit her outside for a bit. Still no luck. Help?