Louie is a 4-year old LBK (little black cat) with chylothorax -- accumulation of lymph fluid in the chest cavity. His vet believes it is caused by a rupture from trauma to his thoracic duct. He has had to have his chest tapped multiple times over the holidays to keep him alive, but there is a danger of scar tissue developing. And that's no way to live -- getting your chest poked every 3 days.

IMOM.org has accepted Louie's case to help raise the $1100 for the life-saving surgery. His purrrrsons have been able to raise $1992 and just need a little extra help to get the rest.

I have issued a matching challenge in Louie's thread. I will match the next $100 that comes in. Any of you wanna take my money? You can read more about Louie at the link below.


Thank you for considering making a donation. Please share Louie's story on your social media sites.