Today I got up before the sun and went to meet up with Kelly to retrieve Annie and Emma. Smart Emma had managed to open up the wire crate and get loose in the car, luckily she was easy to corral into her regular carrier!! 0.0 Annie went into her small carrier too, since my teeny car wouldn't accommodate the big crate, and off we went! Neither girl made a peep for the entire journey with me (though Emma drooled a bit at first), and I got them to the store faster than I would have believed possible.

They were pretty shut down with stress by the time we got there, so I got them into the condo with all of their things as quickly as I could, and then I bought a blanket to cover part of the condo to give them some privacy. They have a big bed and a blanket that smell like home, as well as their familiar litterbox and toys, so I spritzed a little feliway and left them to unwind.

These two were clearly dearly loved! The sheer number of toys that arrived with them is astonishing! They also have more treats, brushes, dishes, and goodies than you can shake a stick at! Despite clearly being terrified by the unexpected journey and being handled by a stranger, they were both very sweet and easy to handle. Even Emma only hissed at me once, then once I had her in my arms she quieted down and let me move her.

I AM a little concerned about their health. I think it is likely that once Gini got sick, monitoring the girls' food intake became too much to handle and they are both VERY portly. Nothing that can't be managed with time and careful feeding, but I DO want to run bloodwork on both of them to check for diabetes. (and just in general because it's a good idea!) We have an appointment on Monday the 13th, where we'll do exams and bloodwork. The low-cost vaccine clinic that stops by my work will do shots and microchips the evening prior to the appointment. I'm thinking that I'll get them carriers which open from the top....they are actually so portly that they can't be scruffed, so getting them out the small doors on their carriers was much more stressful on them (and me) than it needed to be.

And of course, I know everyone is wanting pics, not my ramblings, so here they are...

Emma actually seemed interested in the journey, peering out the front of the carrier.

Annie OTOH wanted nothing to do with the box or the car or the new people or the noises.

Emma snuggling into their bed. Here you can see the weight issue, both kitties are around the same size.

I have $475 for them right now. $375 from Gini's brother (Who said that I was being compensated for gas) and $100 from Lisa (Lisa...I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't know who you are on here, please let me know!!) If anyone wants to send Annie and Emma a paypal donation my paypal address is [email protected]

I spent about $66 getting them here, so I'm going to keep $60 for gas, and the rest is ALL for the girls. Anything that is left once they are vetted is for their new owners. I promised that I'd be 100% clear where every penny went. They came with lots of canned food, but I did get them a bag of SUPER low calorie kibble (Natural Balance Fat Cats formula, actually) and a bag of litter, which came to $38.35, and I spent $12.99 on the blanket that I covered their condo with. Soooo we have $363.66. I'm not sure exactly how much exams and bloodwork will be, though in this area exams are generally $50. The low cost vaccine people are going to discount their normal (already low!) prices even more for me because they are AWESOME. I will keep this thread updated (I'll shoot for every day at least a short update) and as soon as I know more PT will know more.