For the first time since I've been living in this house, I am frightened. Not by any people but by this weather and my health. I have been battling a cold since the weekend after Christmas. Because of the storms, and holidays, I have not been able to go anywhere. Plus, the bus only runs 3 days a week. So I have no medicine other than allergy medicine and asprin to take for it.

Today, I just got my front sidewalk cleaned off so I can access the street. The guy who used to shovel it for me has quit on me. I had to wait until I could feel up to doing it. I really had no business being out there but sometimes you just got to do things even coughing your head off and stove up with arthritis. We now have another major storm moving in. We are under major storm warnings from 6 tonight to 6 in the morning. We will get between 2 and 6 inches more snow.

What really frightens me is the warning that just came out. Starting Sunday night we are under wind chill warnings. Our actual temps will be 0 to -10. The wind chill will be -30 below.

If our power goes out, I have no heat. No family or friends near by. The cat's are stocked up for now but if I don't get out next week, they will run low on food. (I did order some food on line for them but it won't be sent until next week or get here until the 14th. On the only 3 days the bus will run: we will have the wind chill problem on Monday, freezing drizzle on Wed and Friday.

I already need some cough med and kleenex and a prescription filled that will just have to wait. Thankfully it's not my bloodpressure med.

I believe prayers are the only way out of this situation. Please pray for me and my cats and that our power stays on and the storms pass. And maybe spare an extra one for the two outdoor kitties I feed. They have to stay outside though all that because they are wild.