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    Hi Murray, I love the picture of you and your fur sib Dori. I'm glad you and your family found each other. You look very content. Happy DOTD!
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    You're a little cutie Murray!!! Congrats on being DOTD! I hope you have a fun day with Dori!
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    Thank You

    Great job rescuing Murry and Dori. Murry looks great in his sweater. I took him for a college professor.

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    Murray Says Thanks

    Murray's curled up before the fire, as per his usual winter routine, but he sends his thanks for all the well wishes.

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    Precious Murray!

    Congratulations, Murray, on being DOTD! You are too cute for words! All of your photos are ADORABLE! The photo with your best pal/cutie Dori is doubly adorable!! We are so glad you and Dori have found the best forever home, full of love! Enjoy your special day!

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    Hi Murray! Happy Dog of the Day to you! Oh, be still my JRT loving heart! What an adorable little man you are, Murray! And I have one word for your mom/dad's heartfelt tribute to their two precious pups...enchanting! What an idyllic, almost fairy tale existence you and your (equally adorable) furry soul mate and sidekick, Dori, are living there in beautiful Ireland! That photo of you two cuddling together in your basket is beyond heart melting, and that shot of you snoozing by that crackling fire, well, that's how so many Americans imagine life in Ireland...warm and comfy and cozy! Love that artistic b&w of you sweet!!! Bless you wonderful family for rescuing you and Dori, giving two most deserving pups the most wonderful life imaginable! How lucky you two are! But luckier still are your parents, having two such sweet and precious furkids in you and Dori! And I must add, you're looking quite the stylish lad in that sweater! Thanks for the BIG smiles, sweet little man! I hope you and Dori are both enjoying a warm and cozy, extra special day of pampering...You both deserve it! Lots of love, cuddles and kisses to you, adorable Murray, and to Dori too!..

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    Hello Murray,

    Happy DOG OF THE DAY to you little sweetheart. You certainly do look dapper in your warm sweater.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures of you with Dori. What a sweet pair you make. I wish I
    could share the warm fire with you on this cold day in Indiana. Congratulations and cyber hugs & kisses to
    you both.
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    Murray is the best wee DOTD! So adorable, Dori is lovely as well Beautiful DOTD


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