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Thread: My sweet alien pit bull...

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    My sweet alien pit bull...

    Hey all. I'm sorry for being so absent around here, I really do miss those days of sitting on Pet Talk all day!

    I never thought I would be posting in here any time soon and I'm so sorry that I have to. I feel like this will be somewhat of a release, closure so to speak.

    I have never dealt with losing one of MY OWN. I've cried over several I have met through others, clients at work that I have grown attached to. I've told them "I'm so sorry" and so on. I had never realized how much it really hurts. Being on the receiving end is ten times more terrible. For some reason each I'm sorry makes it a bit more difficult.

    I'm sorry for coming home to the realization that Alice had passed on. She was one of the most special dogs I've ever met. Being somewhat feral when we met, to loving every moment of being a dog.

    I made Alice a place in my garden and have attached a picture of it. The dog on top was her baby. I tried so hard to find it to bury with her but found it as soon as came back inside. Guess she wanted me to have it.

    Rest well dear Alice Pooper.
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