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New Jersey, Mild Cerebellar Hypoplasia Kitty Looking for a home; owner is highly allergic.

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Hey Everyone! I am looking for a loving & understanding for this little CH girl. She is extremely high functioning, just a little quirky! ... I live in Northern NJ. Please contact me if you know anyone looking for this awesome girl to add to their family! She's 3 1/2 yrs old, 7 lbs. Blue, cream, and white calico tabby mix. She can run and zoom all around just fine. Sometimes she'll flop on her side when she's playing. She can run up stairs and onto my very high bed with no issues. Sometimes has a cross eye and forgets to stick her tongue back in her mouth while grooming me or herself. Utd on shots, altered, uses litter box without any trouble. She doesn't mind dogs, I was fostering a pitbull. She would keep her distance though, because he really didn't know how to play with an animal so small. She likes to be independent. Sometimes i feel used for food and shelter, lol. Loves to cuddle me once it's bedtime!

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