Oh, dearest Copernicus, what an utterly beautiful boy you are! Such a wonderful collection of photos of you, showing you in various aspects of your life. That kitten picture is adorable! And what a lovely set of ornaments low on the Christmas tree, at kitty level to observe.. what a great holiday card that photo would make!

You have that lovely brown tabby fur and those pale green eyes with a look of so much sweetness and love in them, that I wish I could reach all the way to, well, all the way to the Rainbow Bridge to pet you! (Since I can't, I know some of our dear Angels will pet you for me .)

We're so sorry you had to leave for the Bridge well before your loving and beloved family expected. They love you dearly and miss and grieve you greatly. They've written a fine description of your wonderful life together. You all shared so very much with them in the way of delightful and loving acts, greeting them at the door, helping them with household tasks, watching your favorite DVDs, strolling with them in the yard in your harness, headbutting them, and sounding your wonderful deep, rumbling purr for them.

It is so sad that you had to leave them just before Thanksgiving. I imagine your family members are full of thanks for the beautiful life you shared with them and all the precious memories they have. Tycho and Grimaldi must miss and grieve their brother very much, too. Your family has my prayers for comfort and peace. What a wonderful love-filled home you all shared, and you still share with them from the Bridge, I am sure.

Congratulations, darling Copernicus, Wee One, on being chosen today's Cat of the Day! We hope you and your family and friends and all the Angels are enjoying a fine day of celebration, full of fun and lovies and all your favorite games and angel-food treats!