Hello, Sir Toby Tufty-Toes! What a pleasure to meet you today -- you are beautiful! I like your full, fluffy coat, your sweet face and pink nose - your lovely green eyes, and your wonderful tufty toes! I like that you escort your people everywhere they need to go! I have a kitty who does that for me sometimes. I bet it's fun to see you get the sillies and play with your favorite wand! Then it is time to smile, to purr and be with your people. I would love to have a cuddle with you, so perhaps your dear Daddy, your best snuggle-buddy would give you an extra cuddle for me I'm glad you took your medication, and now you are a happy and healthy kitty guy! Great big hugs, kisses, lovies and snuggles to you today, precious Toby Tufty-Toes!