It's only with an Associates Degree in Science, but I passed my LAST Math Class of Undergrad (aside from Stats), and just need 2 more classes to finish my Associates. It took me 3 years, but I know a lot of people that took that long to get their Associates for awhile I was upset that it would take me that long but the end is finally near! I don't know if anyone remembers the issues math has plagued me with over the years, but they're finally over. I'm still going to have to take Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and other difficult classes but I did well in Chemistry in high school. I've never had difficulty in any class more than math. I got a B- last semester, and C this semester. My GPA is a 3.35. I will be taking Vertebrate Zoology (which should be a little better than Invertebrate Zoology was) and Oceanography next semester.

I have been applying to other schools left and right over the past semester and I wound up getting an $11,000 Scholarship to one in Upstate NY that has a great program in my field and is very small. It's pretty far up into the Adirondacks. I haven't been up there since I was a young kid but I remember loving the wilderness. I don't know exactly where I am going yet though, or how I am actually affording college since I refuse to be stuck with Private Loans. I am going to look into getting more scholarships. My job is currently seasonal, and I make much less than I used to so it's hard to save a decent amount. The reason I keep the job is because of the relation to my field and because I love it, but it is hard on the wallet. I'll have to figure something out. Currently, that's my biggest concern. My parents help when they can but it's we shall see. Just thought I'd share because I am extremely happy to be done with not only math but with CC! I never thought I'd be smart enough to be a Science Major but when you actually try it's amazing what you can do. I have no only succeeded but I excelled (well in Bio/Physical Sciences/Zoology) None of my smarter siblings went for any of the sciences but my parents are proud that the average one did