My life is a strange compilation of coincidences that pop up unexpectedly.

They are things that make me go, "hmmmmmmm, what was THAT about?


The local grocery chain puts up a tree in the front of the store right after Thanksgiving that has paper ornaments on it.

The ornaments are printed up by the Salvation Army and each have a child's name on it under the picture of an angel. Each ornament you pick and scan at the register is a donation to the child's family for a Christmas dinner.

I think the first year we bought one - now we each buy one and we have made it a point to find the most unusual names on the treel.

After a few weeks of putting it off, I went to the store with Doris' and my money in hand, to get out ornament.


I walked into the store and made a bee-line to the tree and for a few seconds thought that there were no more angels up. When I got closer, I saw that the front and top of the tree were cleaned off and that there were about 20 angels left near the back and bottom. I bent over and began my search.

I saw two angels and one caught my eye.

This angel had my last name on it (In recent years, I have seen my LAST name used as a first name). I thought, "Hokay, this is pretty funny, I'll buy it."

I started to look for the second angel and spied the one next to it.........

The child's name was "Jesus".

Now, Who am I to deny a kid who's name is Jesus a Christmas dinner?

The funnier thing? My Dad's name was "Jesus" so, in the space of a minute?

I had two angels one with Jesus and the other with family surname on it.

Sometimes I wonder about the magic of Christmas and think that I am too old for it, then something like that happens and I get back into the spirit of things.......